BenaroyaHall_Int050_LMN Arch_credit

Stage at Benaroya Hall. Photo courtesy of LMN Architects

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  1. robert meyer says:

    to help your marketing I offer this comment. If I knew what was being played I’d be more inclined to shell out $42. I hope that helps you. Knowing even a bit of the program would certainly help me.

    • admin says:

      Great question. Ten Grands can best be described as a “variety show.” Each of the 10 artists plays a solo of their choosing, which can range from classical to contemporary (and original compositions). Last year the “Ten Pianos” pieces (all playing together) included music from Exodus and a John Williams Medley. David Lanz played a piece from his new Liverpool Trio album (tribute to the Beatles), plus there was a jazz quartet and the Eight Hands pianists playing a selection from Carmen. The solos are announced from the stage, but we’ll post updates once the artistic director makes the final determinations. P.S. Don’t wait too long to order tickets — more than 80% of seats are already reserved.

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